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The Difference Between DIY And Pro Ceramic Coatings

Choosing a paint protection product or the mode of its application is one of the most important decisions you, as a car enthusiast, could make. It’s perfectly understandable if you’re struggling with the idea of investing in professional ceramic products and installation or DIY coating options.

However, thousands of people are also wondering the same thing. On the one hand, you could buy a high-quality product and produce reasonable results yourself, or you can pay for a certified installer and a professional-grade ceramic coating, which usually implies greater durability. In this guide, we’ll cover the advantages and drawbacks of both professional and DIY ceramic coating.

What Is Pro Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to your vehicle’s paint layer and acts as a clear paint coating that protects the paint from external paint damage. This nano-ceramic coating typically blends with the paint to provide an additional hydrophobic layer that protects the vehicle’s paint from water, protects against UV rays, and provides chemical stain resistance.

A professional detailer usually applies professional glass coating and provides exceptionally high gloss and unparalleled paint surface protection. The application process is very demanding but also long-lasting.

What Is DIY Ceramic Coating?

DIY ceramic coating also consists of a clear paint-protection film that provides a gloss finish and protects the paint from water spots, damage, and oxidation. This is more of a do-it-yourself application, which typically isn’t as complex, but the results are also short-lived since more ceramic coatings don’t last very long.

Benefits of Pro Ceramic Coating

Applying the professional grade requires a very thorough preparation process, which includes removing contaminants from the surface using solvents, a microfiber towel, and abrasives. This is a very demanding process, which is why most car owners opt for a professional service.

This has numerous benefits, like having the best ceramic coating applied by a trained professional and a “lifetime warranty” that is often associated with more premium applications, thus eliminating the need for having to re-apply the coating again.

Professional clear-coat automotive applications also require significantly less upkeep compared to DIY solutions, provided that the installation professional does a good job with thorough preparation and application.

Benefits of DIY Ceramic Coating

High-quality ceramic coatings are an alternative solution for car owners who want comparable results without having to shell out more cash. However, it’s important to note that DIY product lines typically differ from the professional lineup as they’re made for easier installation with less prep work, implying that the product might not be as long-lasting as a professional application.

Still, one of the major benefits of a DIY installation is the lower cost. In fact, a DIY application might cost as much as 90% less than a professional installation. Additionally, the hardening time for the DIY ceramic coating is generally much lower.


While it’s true that you can achieve comparable results with a DIY application, the professionally applied clear ceramic paint coat offers superior protection against the elements and a beautifully done gloss finish, often with a lifetime warranty.

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